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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Ideas For Urban Homes

Speaking of interior designthere are different concepts. The one that focuses on optimum space utilization is very important. The growing demand for housing, an ever growing population, and lack of space are factors that necessitate the importance of building more homes in smaller spaces. Most urban flats have 2 to 3 bedrooms, one living room with attached dining space and a washroom or two apart from the kitchen. The limited space creates a need for designing innovative storage areas, wall units and modular fittings. That is where your experienced interior designer in Bhubaneshwarcomes into the picture.
Check out the following modern space saving ideas
  • Understairs storage units.
  • Stair cabinets
  • Fold down tables
  • Chairs that fit into shelves
  • Wall Units
  • Wall beds and sofas
  • Fold up picture tables
  • Wall Television units
  • Sofas with shoe storage units
The above mentioned are just innovative concepts that don’t just add to the aesthetic charm of your home, but give it more character. The sheer smartness and extra storage space adds more value to your otherwise small urban flat.
To be specific imagine that you have a small bedroom.- The pain of trying to fit in a bed, a bedside table, study table, cupboards, book shelves and dressing table in that small space is indescribable. In a such a situation if your interior design expert gives you a picture perfect wall painting that also acts as a fold down study table; and a wall unit that acts as a television unit, bookcase and storage for DVD’s and stationary, life surely becomes easier. If you install a bed that has ample storage then you can keep your linen and quilts under the bed. If you install a full length mirror on a cupboard door, then it acts as a dresser.
Fix night lights over your unused headboard space. That way you need not worry about installing an extra night lamp. You can also build cupboards and cabinets flanking your bed. The smaller cabinets can also double up as night stand.
You can also add wall cupboards just over your bed with ample head space. Installing night lights below adds to the effect. Space saving beds that can be folded into the wall are also becoming very popular. They give you an option to turn a room a bedroom at night and a living room by day.
Basically your designer creates intelligent spaces and allows maximum utilization thereby creating functionality and aesthetics. Proper planning, choice of colors and fittings definitely add to the effect.
Clever positioning, fancy functional wall units, attractive paints, wallpaper and drapes help create peaceful and relaxing home spaces. The key to designing a good home lies in understanding the needs of those who intend to live in. The plan should be in sync with requirements and aesthetics.

The Advantages of a Good Modular Kitchen

Kitchen is the most important aspect in a home. Today, most of the people change their normal kitchen into modular. The interior designers are also designed many styles of modular kitchen. It is the new concept in the kitchen. If you look at any modular kitchen, you will know how it is attractive and very functional.

The interior designers create different types of concepts and designs that suits your home. It is more convenient for the whole family. A traditional kitchen is not able to provide any advantages, but a modular kitchen has given many advantages. It is liked by most of the home makers.

It is more important for every home and it gives many advantages. In Coimbatore, there are some specialized designers are created many styles of designs. Most of the interior designers created a beautiful kitchen for the needs of their clients.It is one of the most incredible examples of craftsmanship, which not only do the attractive of your kitchen. But also helps you to handle it more effectively.

It is developed with custom made modules, cabinets, shelves, which are exactly fitted to save your kitchens space. There are many interior designers are in the market. But only the best interior designers can done attractive style of designs.

Easy Installation

It is easy to install or uninstall. A technician can do this task within no time. You can also shift your modular kitchen from one house to another. Most of the home makers feels that the cabinets are more hard to install.

Storage spaces

Provide efficient storage spaces like drawers, shelves and cabinets. The storage spaces helps you to manage your kitchen items, making cooking and working in the kitchen is easy and cost-effective. It helps more helpful for your cooking and you don’t go anywhere to search your products at any palce. The storage spaces can helps to contain all your products.


It is easy to clean and you don’t need to put any effort on your cleaning process. It also helps to save your timing and you can repair any type of modular kitchen parts. You don’t clean at all the time.

Interior Designers

Interior Designers are work in both residential and commercial platforms. Normally, they must have a professional training certificates that helps to make an best in their works. It is more helpful for becoming a successful designer and their education is also considered one of the important qualities for their successful. Today, people wants an professional designers and they can make their projects to sucessful. In this article, we can discuss about the top 3 key qualities of an interior designers must have.

When you start searching for interior designers, you will get so many companies are listed on that lists. But how do you select the best interiors amongst them? Every designers have some good qualities and experienced in any one of their fields. Most of the people wants to decorate their home, offices, kitchen and other parts of their home with more attractive. The peoples wants to hiring the professional interios for their works. The three key qualities makes every interios to be successful in their works.


Interior designers should have artistic and powerful skills. It helps to create their designs more aesthetically satisfying for their clients. They can choose a different type of colors, fabrics, textiles and interior furnishings with the clients taste. Every designers must have this creative skills that makes to think new designs. A professional interiors have these qualities that makes more successful in their career.


An professional interior designers will always best in his works. They have full of artistic vision and creativity. Professionalism is the usual aspect of any service provider. The professional interior designer follow up their clients work regularly and done their project work with in a time period. The designers should be able to produce creative ideas that both connect in your tastes and stay within your budget.

Good Communication Skills

Interior designers work with their clients, contractors, service providers or as part of a team. So, they must have this skill to work with various types of personalities. They must be a good listeners and communicate clearly. The top designers have the good communication skills in their local language. Communication is more important for every interior designers.

Bamboo Blinds

Seeking Fresh yet Functional Blinds

Are you on the hunt for affordable, functional blinds for your home or office that look amazing while efficiently controlling light, temperature, and privacy for every room? Do you enjoy the smell, texture, and look of natural, wooden products that add a fresh, contemporary look to your home or office’s interior? Did you know that bamboo is a strong, natural material that is great for a variety of uses, including providing the components for sturdy and natural blinds? Bamboo is a wonderful and increasingly popular resource for durability and natural artistry.

High Quality, Natural Beauty

Bamboo blinds, which combine the strong materials of bamboo with the functionality of window and door shade, are a great option that will create a strong visual aesthetic to any room, without looking tacky or cheap. Bamboo blinds are beautiful woven wood shades that have long been used by interior designers due to their natural elegance and eye-catching design.

Features of Bamboo Blinds

  • An assortment of textures and natural materials, including: lovely wood, rattan, reed, grass, and jute
  • A variety of color schemes for dark, light, or moderate color pallets
  • Durable and long-lasting to endure years of wear and tear

Benefits of Bamboo Blinds Sydney

  • Adds natural beauty and elegance to any room
  • Effectively helps control light and privacy without sacrificing comfort
  • Affordable cost
  • Gives your home or office a unique, updated and interesting look while remaining sophisticated and professional
  • Environment and ecosystem friendly
  • Helps you save on energy bills by providing natural light and temperature control

Blinds and Cedar Shutters Website

Blinds and Shutters) is a useful and resourceful website for finding custom shutters and blinds that will help make all of your interior design dreams come true, while additionally considering functionality, quality, and price. They provide both domestic and commercial customers with a variety of customizable options for blinds and shutters that will bring life and style to any room.

Blinds and Shutters will sort out the best blind and shutter options for you based on your preferences for color, design, theme, size, and budget. Bamboo blinds are one of the many products listed on their website for which they provide high quality images and videos depicting beautiful displays of bamboo blinds in various types of rooms, from nurseries to kitchens, offices, and much more.

Combine Modern Style with Functionality

Are you tired of looking at the same old, boring blinds that give little aesthetic value to your home or office? Would you like to spice things up with a natural or exotic look that will give the room an extra flare of style and sophistication? Bamboo blinds are great options for those looking to bring an updated, contemporary look to their home or office, without appearing stuffy or gaudy. Bamboo blinds will also help you save on your gas and electric bills by providing you a source of controllable natural light and warmth, using versatile materials that benefit the environment as well as your budget.