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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Way choose Window Well Covers

The ways provided below will help you choose window well covers that suit your basement needs.

Measured to Fit
Before hitting the stores and selecting a well cover, you ought to measure the window well and the window you want to cover. While doing so, ensure you measure from the face of the window to the edge of the well. If the window extends above the ground, you might have to take that into consideration while choosing a cover. In short, you need to measure the projection of the window along with the width and height of the cover before making the purchase.

Material Concerns
Clear plastic, thermoplastic, metal, or colored plastics are some of the materials used to make well covers. While the thermoplastic and clear plastic covers will allow light to penetrate into the basement, covers made from solid plastic and finer metal grates will end up blocking light, but give your room some privacy. When choosing the material for the well cover, do give a thought to the safety and privacy requirements of your family. It makes sense to choose a cover that caters to the light and ventilation requirements of the basement.

High-profile vs. Low-profile Covers
Window well covers can be classified into two main types based on their appearance. While high-profile covers are meant for windows that extend above the ground level, low-profile are perfect for windows that lie within the well. High-profile covers generally have a sloping surface or dome-shaped surface to cater to windows that rise above the level of the well. On the contrary, low-profile covers lie flat against the edges of the well making them almost parallel to the ground.

Style Matters
Consider the overall look of your home when it comes to purchasing a well cover. You can choose between bubble, flat, mesh, grates, and dome style covers to adorn the basement vents. While grates and mesh style covers provide excellent means to prevent a fall, they do little when it comes to stopping water, debris, and dirt from accumulating in the well. Dome-shaped and bubble covers made from heavy-duty plastic, on the other hand, are good at keeping excess water out of the well, despite their bulky appearance. However, they can restrict airflow into the basement window. Whatever style you decide upon, make sure it complements the exterior of your home.

The main purpose of installing a well cover over the basement window is to cater to safety and light requirements. From safety grates made of aluminum to poly-carbonate plastic covers, you are sure to find a huge variety in the market. Remember, the cover is going to be exposed to the external elements, which doubles the need to have a cover that is durable and sturdy. It is also important that the material used to make the cover is rust-free and easy to maintain.

Installation Matters
Whether custom-made or store purchased, ensure the window well covers are easy to install. Do not forget to read the instruction manual that comes along with the cover to make the process of installation easy.

Do not forget to consider the egress requirements in your local building code. As a precautionary measure, do check with your local building permit office before you invest in a well cover.

Tips to Redecorate Room Instantly

Ideas for an Instant Room Makeover

Reverse the Process
When you’re doing a total redecoration, the common modus operandi is to find a large thing you love―whether it’s a paint color, rug, couch, or whatever, and base the rest of the room around that. This time, you’re going to start small. You’re going to situate the tchotchkes and little things first, then go back and change the big stuff later if you have to. You probably won’t have to, but you may find yourself so inspired by your changes that you decide to go the whole hog. Whatever. This is about instant redecorating; we are not responsible for the sudden urge to rip up the carpet and install tray ceilings.

Start Small
Try rearranging the furniture that’s already there. Remove a piece or two if the room feels crowded. It’s amazing how different a room can feel when the sofa is moved from the west wall to the north wall. Switch your wall art around, too. If you have picture frames on every available horizontal surface, hang ’em up! Either scatter them in odd places or try a large grouping as a focal point. It’s okay if the frames don’t match; that’s totally a thing! Put away the throw blankets and maybe even remove a pillow or three from the couch. Take a step back and evaluate.

Shop the House
If you’re still not satisfied, take a walk through the house and gather up bits and pieces of other rooms. There’s no law that says that the green lamp in the bedroom must stay in the bedroom. Try it in the living room! Or that crystal bud vase you got as a wedding present that you never use; it would really class up the bathroom as a toothbrush holder. The idea is to look at the things you already own in a new way. Try to step outside the realm of every day, and look at your belongings as if you were at an estate sale. You may find yourself appreciating a new beauty in the most mundane things you haven’t even noticed in years.

Adjust the Lights
Lighting has a huge impact on the feel of a room. Put a lamp on a dimmer for a cozier feel, or switch to Reveal bulbs in a higher wattage to brighten up a room. The rule is to have three light sources: ambient, focal, and task. If the only lamp in the room is a torchiere, it’s probably pretty dim. Grab a small lamp from the home office, and put it on the opposite side of the room. On the other hand, there’s no reason to have megawatt lighting in the bedroom; a couple of wall sconces is all you need to set the mood for sleepy time or romance. If you do your makeup in the bedroom, keep a stick-on light in the drawer with your makeup, except don’t stick it; just pull it out when you need to be able to see.

See? Your whole house looks different now, doesn’t it? You may have even discovered that the “art deco” from the dining room looks really great in the bedroom, and the French Provincial from the kitchen should really be transplanted to the guest bathroom. So, maybe a project has begun after all. But at least now you’re inspired by your home, rather than bored with it.

Interior Decorators for Office Design

When you choose to start your own office and have to make the right first impression, you need to make sure that you have it designed in a tasteful manner. While you may be working from a rented space, that does not diminish the importance of the image that you have to showcase in front of the people that matter. This is one of the biggest reasons why you should know the various ways in which you can design your workspace and make it look welcoming, motivational and fun to work in.

One of the first and the most essential steps to achieving the right design for your office is to make sure that you hire the best interior decorators to prep up the place for you. While you may be naturally creative and may have the best knowledge about aesthetics, it is important to involve professionals if you also want to be technically correct in your effort. With the help of the best designers, you can also ensure that you get to experiment with a lot of different design styles before you settle for one, to make sure that you don’t get stuck with an idea that will not appeal to you for very long.

It makes sense to know about a few untold rules of office design, if you want to make sure that you get your effort right. When you are taking up corporate office interior design, you need to make sure that no matter how large your office is, the essence or the core of the business idea is not lost in translation. You need to be sure that your business is the theme around which the design is created so that you staff and other acquaintances will take it as seriously as you do.

In the case of small offices or compact spaces, you can try out the modern office design which runs by the rule ‘less is more’. When you opt for modern design in a small working environment, you can give your people a chance to not feel suffocated and cramped with the design. A small space should not be a reason for you or your staff to remain without design either. Modern design will help you in making sure to accommodate all your needs and requirements within the functional space, while making sure it is aesthetically appealing as well.

Ideas For Small Space Home

There are several ways that can help you in creating enough space in a small house. We can discuss some of them:

1) You can use a folding table

This folding dining table can add elegance to your home. You can fold and hold the dining table in one of the modular kitchen corners that makes it appear spacious that otherwise looks tight. Chairs can be hung from the wall, which looks very attractive and also saves you from making you feel overcrowded.

2) You can add storage under the stairs

Drawers, shelves and cabinets can create space under the stairs that can have added advantage. So that way serves the double purpose of storing, as well as acting as a step to the terrace. Storage spaces and shelves are a very fruitful way of creating space under the stairs. Most of us do not pay attention to using this space under the stairs and transforming into a work area. Usually we do not consider it a useful area. In fact, you can consciously design while you are starting with it. It should be built wide enough to allow shelves and cupboards to be placed.

3) Use king size pieces in your house

It may sound counterintuitive, but in real sense, large pieces can make the room look bigger. You can use a king size bed, large sofas, large soaking tubs that can give you the illusion of being in a large space.

4) Build in a way that enough light can enter your space

A room without the right passage for the light would look so heavy. More light can make your room look spacious, as it also offers outdoor views. So you should not leave any scope to block the light from entering in. Sometimes placing the bed next to the window can give the illusion of being in a large space.

5) You can try to extend a wall

A great idea would be to expand one of the walls to create more space. You can use unused space by being attentive.

6) You can use reflective objects in your room so that they look wide

It is a wise idea to place mirrors in small spaces that can really make a difference and can make it look bigger. An interesting idea is to put a large mirror in the central location to create a focal point. To reflect the light can be placed behind a light source. You can also place the mirror near a window to reflect the outside view and create an illusion from another window.

7) Use plants to attract nature

Planting trees within your home can give a fresh look and makes you feel more open and will increase your mood. Especially works well for apartments in cities.