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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Aquarium Decoration Ideas

Many of us have aquariums at our place. But have you ever wondered how different they are from each other? Some of them are different from the other in just one context while some are poles apart. Like there are different people, there are different aquarium decoration ideas as well, that suit everybody’s personal preference. Broadly tiger are two distinct styles, natural and artificial.

For a natural look-

  • Choose sand or gravel that is not just natural to the inhabitants of the aquarium but they are also appealing to the eyes in comparison to the artificial ones. To make sure that you get the authentic natural look, you can pick up the sand from the either a local fish shop or the beach. However, make sure that you thoroughly clean them before putting them in the aquarium. Ensure that the sand or the gravel doesn’t do more harm than good.
  • Adding live plants will add a natural appeal to the whole aquarium. They also provide oxygen and improves the quality of the water. Since there are live plants inside the aquarium fishes have a better tendency to respond. Even though there are a lot of plants that can survive inside the aquarium, research is a must to make sure that your get the best one for your pet. In case you aren’t keen on keeping real plants you can, there are many options available for fake plants. Before choosing a plant make sure that they don’t have sharp edges that may harm the fishes or in which fishes might get entangled. People generally go for a jungle look with green or red plants. One of things that need an important consideration before going for any kind of plants is that some fishes eat plants.
  • There is a wide stock of natural decorations that can either be bought or picked up from natural surroundings. Natural items are comparatively less harmful for your fishes as compared to the artificial ones. However, if you are keen on going for artificial decorations make sure that they are close to the natural ones and should be safe for your fish.
  • Add depth to the aquarium by adding black background to it. This provides instant contrasts to any background.
  • Give a unique look to aquarium by adding the substances in different ways. It adds a twist to the entire look.
  • Add the biggest pieces as the centre of attraction to your aquarium and the other features as complimentary.

For an artificial look-

Use a piece of cloth to form the background of the aquarium. Choose any color according to the look you want to create. The rest of the look can be same as described above. At Aqua Maniac, you can find a variety of designs top choose from including Juwel Vision 400.

House Interiors with Decorative Laminates

When it comes to fixing decorative laminates, antibacterial laminates are considered as one of the best options. They can be very effective when it comes to keeping your home environment hygienic, germ-free and devoid of any unhealthy contaminates. Mentioned below are some of the three factors that make antibacterial laminates an ideal option for the house –

1. As they are safe and germ-free, they aid in maintaining the environment of the house by keeping it clean and healthy.

2. Be it furniture, walls or countertops, these laminates can be used on all types of surfaces.

3. Due to the anti-bacterial properties, these laminates are considered as best options for hospitals, restaurants, schools and restrooms.

Other than antibacterial laminates, there are several other laminates like post forming laminate which is intended to be used on vertical and horizontal interior surfaces. The laminate is rolled in a simple radius over the edges of a substrate. Moreover, it is used in such a way that it makes a surface smooth and attractive leaving no seams around the corner.

Where are post forming laminates used?

Equipped with amazing malleability and flexibility, post forming laminates are ideal for both horizontal and vertical applications and can be post formed without losing any pattern. The laminates are the perfect choice for shutters, counter tops, furniture tops, executive tables, modular office systems, computer workstations, kitchen cabinet doors, storage cabinet doors and shelving units.

Cleaning tips required in post-forming laminate –

To clean the surface, it is suggested to use a damp cloth or sponge and a mild soap or detergent. However, if the stain still persists, apply a paste of baking soda and water with a soft bristled brush to remove stains.

If the stains still resist using any of the above cleaning methods, then it may require the use of undiluted household bleach or nail polish remover. Make use of a cotton ball soaked with bleach or nail polish remover and gently rub the stain for up to two minutes. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly with warm water and wipe it using a dry soft cloth.

Now let’s know some of the benefits of using laminates –

The laminates are value for money as they adhere to both quality standards and home decor trends. Besides being strong, light and highly durable, the laminates standout in several other factors such as:

1. The laminates can be installed on walls. There are various designs which can be installed in your bedroom, drawing room to impart a distinguished look and to reflect your personal taste.

2. Laminates last for as long as ten years in the same condition and require minimum maintenance.

3. Laminates do not decolourise due to their light-fastness property.

4. Laminates are environmentally friendly and do not leave any hazardous effect on the people living in the house.

5. These are fire, water, and scratch resistant and can be disposed of without affecting the environment.

Even though these laminates have several advantages, these are reasonable in cost and are available in several designs and patterns. Along with antibacterial and post forming laminates, you can also choose to install lab furniture laminates for your house interior to make it look more appealing.

Types of Attic Vents

Attic is a place no one wants to visit unless it is absolutely necessary. We have all been scared of venturing anywhere close to these secluded areas, thanks to our figments of imagination in the form of attic monsters. Even though we are adults, we still have our inhibitions. Most of the time we just store all are excess luggage in there, and forget all about it. However, it is important to know that attic ventilation is absolutely necessary for keeping your house well-ventilated and free of moisture, odor, rust, or rot. So, if you are considering home improvements, make sure attic ventilation is high on your priority list.

During summer, the heat may get trapped in the attic. This may result in an increase in your utility bills due to the extra cooling that will be required. Similarly, if the moisture formed in the house accumulates in the attic, it may lead to decomposition of the wood and infestation of microbes such as mold and mildew.

The types of attics differ based on the requirements of the residential building codes. Basically, there are two types available- exhaust vents and intake vents. Exhaust vents allow the air from the house to escape out, whereas intake vents let the outside air into the house. These are the two primary types, the rest differ in structure and are categorized as follows.

Soffit Vents
These are installed in attics with high vents, mostly in the overhanging part of the roof. Soffit vents are the best option for homes that have only one type of venting. These are screened vents that protect the house from moisture and also insects and snow.

Ridge Vents
These are installed throughout the length of the peak of the roof. The volume of airflow for ridge attic vent is much more than any other fixed vent for attics. Ridge vents are screened and therefore, protect the house from insects and are effective all around the year. Ridge vent with baffles are considered more beneficial than simple ridge vents.

Gable Vents
These come in a variety of shapes such as circular, triangular, and square. They are installed just below the roof peaks and help in protecting your home from strong winds, heavy snow, and also infestation to some extent. However, the life of these vents is lesser than the others and they do not ventilate the entire attic, but just a part of it. Therefore, if you have a smaller attic gable, these may work for your home.

Solar Vents
These are cost-effective and as the name suggests, make use of solar energy to enable ventilation. Solar attic fans are charged up by solar energy and maintain a balanced airflow in the house. Installation charges are all that may cost you and will effectively reduce your utility bills.

Attic fans are very cost-effective and installing them is easier than the other vents. Also, solar attic fan installation can be very easy and you can do it yourself.

Elegance Event with Chair Covers

Adding affordable chair covers to the make up of the room where your celebration is being held makes a setting that looks elegant and composed. The effect of only setting covers over seats has on a room is unimaginable. seat cover’s style and advancement, and can be modifies to suit the shading or subject contingent upon the uncommon chair covers rentals you decide for your celebration, and the best of all is this should be possible at insignificant cost to you.

After you have selected your best chair cover rentals company as indicated by your necessities, the determination of the covers comes in two sections. First, you should choose the genuine seat cover. For the most part, the covers are draped over the chair fitted to the structure of the seat. The actual chair cover can be selected in a variety of distinctive materials; more often than not material or silk. These chair cover fabrics are the most mainstream and most broadly accessible in white however you can also rent chair covers in a various colors, for example, dark, ivory, gold, chocolate cocoa, pink and blue. You will normally be paying for good quality in a scope of about $2 to $5 per chair cover, however this relies on upon the material and color. You will pay more for glossy silk and if you are choosing the seat cover in some other color than white.

Sashes and bows are an exceptionally pleasant touch that is frequently added to the seat. Hope to pay an additional cost to add bands or bows to your chair covers however the additional cash id justified, despite all the trouble. The value of a scarves or bow is around the range of $1 to $3 per chair. Much the same as cover rentals, scarves and bows are available in a huge number of colors.

Using sashes or bows, the wedding planners have the ability to arrange everything with their rental company for the ideal style or subject of the event.

When you have chosen your seat cover rentals and included scarves or bows, you might then need to consider choosing your own particular novel wind on them. One of the most known methods for doing this is including flowers to the bows the chairs. By adding embellishments, for example, flowers to your cheap chair covers, you can dramatically change the configuration of your special event. When working with your rentals company, you have the decision of either including the design of whatever is left of the room around the shading plan of your covers or you can join the chair covers around the configuration of whatever remains of your room. Wedding chair cover rentals also permit you to customize your dinning space and change what might be ordinary seats into elegant look for your event.