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Aquarium Decoration Ideas

Many of us have aquariums at our place. But have you ever wondered how different they are from each other? Some of them are different from the other in just one context while some are poles apart. Like there are different people, there are different aquarium decoration ideas as well, that suit everybody’s personal preference. Broadly tiger are two distinct styles, natural and artificial.

For a natural look-

  • Choose sand or gravel that is not just natural to the inhabitants of the aquarium but they are also appealing to the eyes in comparison to the artificial ones. To make sure that you get the authentic natural look, you can pick up the sand from the either a local fish shop or the beach. However, make sure that you thoroughly clean them before putting them in the aquarium. Ensure that the sand or the gravel doesn’t do more harm than good.
  • Adding live plants will add a natural appeal to the whole aquarium. They also provide oxygen and improves the quality of the water. Since there are live plants inside the aquarium fishes have a better tendency to respond. Even though there are a lot of plants that can survive inside the aquarium, research is a must to make sure that your get the best one for your pet. In case you aren’t keen on keeping real plants you can, there are many options available for fake plants. Before choosing a plant make sure that they don’t have sharp edges that may harm the fishes or in which fishes might get entangled. People generally go for a jungle look with green or red plants. One of things that need an important consideration before going for any kind of plants is that some fishes eat plants.
  • There is a wide stock of natural decorations that can either be bought or picked up from natural surroundings. Natural items are comparatively less harmful for your fishes as compared to the artificial ones. However, if you are keen on going for artificial decorations make sure that they are close to the natural ones and should be safe for your fish.
  • Add depth to the aquarium by adding black background to it. This provides instant contrasts to any background.
  • Give a unique look to aquarium by adding the substances in different ways. It adds a twist to the entire look.
  • Add the biggest pieces as the centre of attraction to your aquarium and the other features as complimentary.

For an artificial look-

Use a piece of cloth to form the background of the aquarium. Choose any color according to the look you want to create. The rest of the look can be same as described above. At Aqua Maniac, you can find a variety of designs top choose from including Juwel Vision 400.