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Category Archives: Home Improvement

Way Design a Room Layout

There is an interior designer in all of us. We all have a dream room that we would like to unwind in, one that speaks for itself, and one that speaks for us too. However, to design a room layout may seem like a daunting task to some. The idea is just to unleash your creativity and allow all the mental blocks to melt away, in order to come up with a plan that you are most comfortable with. Whether you are looking for plain old comfort, or out to make a style statement, allow your room to bring out your personality.

Measure your room, and chalk out the basic plan on a graph paper, assuming every square on the paper is equal to one foot. Account for all the openings, i.e, doors and windows in the room, and write down the measurements beside each wall and opening on the diagram. Ensure that the diagram you have made is neat. Make several copies. You may also try to do this online with the different websites available for this purpose.

While deciding the layout, first account for all the furniture you want to place in it. Beds and nightstands are basic to a master bedroom. You may want to place a television with a cabinet at a viewing distance from the bed. Perhaps a love seat could be accommodated. It all depends on your personal requirements. If it is a teenager’s room, perhaps a single bed with one nightstand would be basic. Then a desk for the computer may be required. If the teenager plays a musical instrument such as the keyboard, space may be required to place it. If the teenager is an avid reader, a unit to store all his/her books will be needed. The bottom line is that you have to first make space for the basics. Enlist these requirements before you start placing the furniture.

Start Placing the Furniture
Measure all the furniture items, and then in the blank layout, start placing the furniture in different positions, as per the 1 square = 1 foot ratio. This is why you require several copies of the blank layout, so you can make different placement options that will help you decide on one that is most suitable for you. However, always keep these basics in mind:

  • Leave a minimum of 30 inches around any furniture item for clear passage.
  • Do not place any furniture item too close to any door opening, as this will hinder the passage and opening of the door.
  • Ensure there is adequate lighting in every part of the room. There shouldn’t be any dim and dark corners anywhere.
  • Avoid cluttering up spaces. You may want to have everything in your room, but clutter contributes to severe confusion, even of the mind, so keep it minimal.

You can get as creative as you like, and try out new and unique positions for different furniture requirements, keeping the above mentioned rules in mind.

Add in the Accessories
Once you have decided on the final plan, and placed in all the basic necessities, start decorating by adding in all the accessories to enhance the appearance of the room. While there is always place on cabinets and on walls for picture frames and the likes, perhaps you’d like to place a bean bag in an empty corner, or liven up a corner by placing in it, a beautiful lamp or a tall, floor-mounted candle stand. Some of you may want to place a water feature, such as a fountain in an empty space that will not hinder passage. The kind of accessories you place are the ultimate reflection of your personality.

As a rule of good interior design, room layouts should be kept uncluttered yet include as many of your personal requirements as possible. You don’t have to hire a professional interior designer. Bring out the designer in you. It is a space that is personal, and one that only you are going to live in. Don’t give designing trends preference over personal comfort, and create your own slice of paradise.

Study Room Decoration Ideas

A study room is a room in the house that is generally used for paperwork, computer work, or reading. This room may be used by kids, or may function as a home office for you where you simply carry out your work in peace. In order to bring out your best work, an appropriate study room design is imperative.


When it comes to interior designing, you first have to keep in mind the function and form of the room. Here are some essentials:

  • Study table (to fit a computer and provide space to write/draw/design)
  • Storage cabinets (overhead, underneath, or both)
  • Bookshelves
  • Additional seating for reading (optional)
  • Accessories to enhance the overall appearance

With the essentials in place, you need to figure out how to put all these together for a great place to study. Keeping in mind a theme is a great way to design the room. For instance, some of you could go for a zen room where everything reflects peace, creativity, and positivity. You could try a retro room with bright floral prints, polka dots, and striking colors. English style study rooms will require elaborate classical furniture and other accessories in rich brown, gold, and white tones. Modern and contemporary styles will require sleek furniture with personalized designs. The room can simply be what you want it to be, and reflect the person you are. Here are some ideas for you.

Study Table Design
Your study table or computer desk should be big enough to incorporate a desktop or a laptop, and it should have enough writing space. This is particularly true if you are designing the room for kids, as they need the space to complete their writing assignments, do craft work, and other creative activities. A study table with storage underneath is essential for kids, because of the numerous books and other items they have to store. Make sure that you are comfortable sitting at the desk before you purchase it. The chair you use should be of the appropriate height (for yourself or your child). Comfort is of prime importance.

Study Table Placement
Where you place the table is important. It should ideally be against a wall, so that you are not distracted by any other events. On the other hand, according to the principles of feng shui, you should place the table in a manner that is facing the door to the room. Whatever you do, don’t place it with the door behind you. Some prefer placing the table against a wall with a window, which is great to be able to enjoy the view while taking a break from studying. Finally, corner computer desks are also a good choice as they are great space savers. Just ensure that wherever you place your study table you get the maximum natural light and ventilation possible.

Cabinets and Bookshelves
Wall-mounted bookshelves and cabinets usually do the trick, particularly if you have limited space. If you have a big room, a floor-to-ceiling bookcase would be great. Bookshelves are not only functional, they can add a lot in terms of design and color to a room. Bookcase design ideas include the use of crisscross shelves, shelves of varying lengths, and lit up shelves. You can add color with different books. Keep in mind that bookcases need not have only books. If there is room, use simple accessories such as figurines, vases, or other items to break the monotony of rows and rows of books.

If you have the room, you may place a chest of drawers or other storage cabinets to store other stuff. For instance, if you are a designer or your child loves arts and crafts, then this storage will be helpful. Also, you may put up hanging shelves on an empty wall to display some sort of artwork, that will soften the appearance of the room.

Lighting is very important in interior design. Artificial light is as important to consider as natural light. If you have cabinets above your desk, incorporate lights underneath the cabinet that will serve as a direct source of light in the room. You may also use a lamp for this purpose. Usually, having white light in a study room is always the best option. You may include a floor lamp or a hanging lamp with yellow light just for a change of mood.

Other Elements of Design
Now, it comes to other accessories that will help with interior decorating. Here are some great elements you can add to enhance the room.

  • Chair for the Table: While the study table design is something you shouldn’t compromise on, the chair you use can be of any style as long as it is comfortable. Use this chair to add color to the study room. The chair can also reflect prints and textures when upholstered with interesting fabrics.
  • Softboard/Whiteboard: A softboard or a whiteboard is very important in a study room whether it is used by kids or by adults. They’re great to pin up important information or motivational posters and to note things down to remember. Ideally, these should be placed right above the study table.
  • Area for other Activities: If you require a design table or some additional space to create works of art and craft or perform any other activity, you may include an additional desk in the room. The ergonomics of this desk will depend on the function you want to use it for. For instance, it may be higher than your regular desk so you can conveniently stand and work if you have to.
  • Area Rugs: An area rug is another beautiful way to add color to the room. If you have a monochromatic room, break the monotony by having an area rug on the floor. If you can place it against a wall, you can throw some cushions on the rug to make a seating area where you can take a break from work and relax for a bit. It could also function as a reading zone.
  • Sofa: This is optional, but having a form of seating apart from your study table’s chair is good. It is likely that you will get bored of sitting in the same place and working, and a sofa or even a bean bag can give you the much-needed respite from the table.
  • Curtains and Drapes: Based on who is using the room, choose appropriate curtains and drapes to give the room color and character. You may also use blinds instead of curtains for a change. Fabric blinds can be specially made to match the theme of the room, or you may stick to bamboo blinds for a zen look.
  • Plants: Plants are refreshing, and they will give the room a gorgeous, simple look if you place them on the window sill. Choose from a simple bamboo, bonsai, or any other plant of your liking.

Tips for Design

  • Though you have your ideas in place, there are some very important tips that you should keep in mind when designing the room.
  • Avoid cluttering the room. While basic furniture is essential, avoid trying to cram the room with more furniture if you don’t have the space. A study room is where you work and clutter is very unnerving. Keep the room minimalistic so that you can generate your best work.
  • Do not use too much color in the room. This is a place where you are supposed to focus; it’s not an entertainment zone. Having too much color will distract you and it will affect the focus required to study or complete a task.
  • Comfort is more important than design. Do not give up on personal comfort for the sake of design. If you love a table or chair but don’t find it comfortable, avoid purchasing it.
  • If you are placing any wall shelves or overhead cabinets, place them at a height where you won’t hurt yourself. Avoid sitting under a shelf or overhead cabinet, and keep your safety in mind at all times.

Bringing together different elements to personalize your study room or home office is the only way you can come up with a tranquil zone for your best work.

Designing Classy Log Homes

The unique interior features of log homes provide a feeling of comfort and luxury upon entering the house. These homes are basically of two types, namely: handcrafted and milled. Handcrafted homes are prepared from logs that have a striking similar look with their earlier and natural look when they were actually trees. The only change made in these, while preparing log cabins, is that they are peeled.

In contrast, the process of making milled homes is somewhat complicated. Logs that are used for preparing these homes are sent for processing to the manufacturing places to make timbers out of them, which are of the same size and look exactly similar. These kinds of homes became very popular in the United States during the 1880s.

Initially, very small log cabins were constructed using the basic tools to test their utility. Proper plot selection is very essential for constructing a log cabin. Before beginning with the actual construction work, ensure that the place has adequate sunlight, water, and drainage facilities.

Things to Consider for a Classy Interior in Log Homes

Shape and Diameter of the Logs

✎ While doing the interior work of your log cabin, pay special attention to the shape of the logs and their color.

✎ The diameter of the logs plays a vital role in giving the home a royal look. The use of logs with smaller diameters will probably not help you achieve your objective.

✎ This means that the larger the diameter, better will be the results. However, if you use logs with a large diameter, the carpet area of your homes should also be large.

✎ Individual rooms also need to be big enough to suit the logs.

Orientation of the Windows

♦ Appropriate positioning of the windows in a log house is of prime importance, as these windows are a major source of receiving sunlight.

♦ The windows should be big enough and well-decorated. With large windows, you can get a great view of the beautiful natural environment surrounding your house.

♦ You can consider having windows of different shapes, like triangular, square, rectangular, or circular and can also give different orientations to them.

♦ If you wish to receive the early morning sunlight, then you can position the windows facing east. For a visual delight, let all the windows in the house have a uniform pattern.

Lighting System

☀ While decorating your log home, ensure that the lighting system is proper to avoid darkness in any room.

☀ Like decorative windows, you can also have attractive lamps to make the rooms look nice.

The Flooring

♟ Coming to the flooring, avoid the usage of a carpet or mat for your kitchen flooring. Instead, you can use good quality wooden flooring for a better appearance.

♟ In the kitchen, you can consider the idea of fitting colored tiles on the walls. It is not mandatory to use the same kind of flooring in all the rooms.

♟ You can choose to design the kids’ room or the master bedroom in a way different from the rest of the house.

Wall Decoration

» Wall decoration can be done by incorporating straight and curved lines of different fresh colors, like pink, red, blue, and yellow.

» You can try out different painting ideas while doing the kids’ room. You can use a pink shade for the girl’s bedroom.

» Avoid using colors, like lime green, orange, and purple, as these can look odd in a log home.

» Different colors have some meaning associated with them. For example, white denotes peace whereas dark green symbolizes dense forests.

» White, cream, and brown colors are also a great option for walls. Affix beautiful artistic masterpieces, like paintings of legendary personalities, landscape paintings, and abstract paintings for a rich effect.

Some More Suggestions

  • You can use materials, like glass, metal, and chrome in the kitchen.
  • Fabrics made of cotton linen and in neutral colors are a great option.
  • Flat sofas with strong legs are a favorite amongst people.
  • The Art Deco, Bauhaus, and Scandinavian styles of log cabin furniture is very famous these days.
  • Chairs made from pine, which is very soft, and aspen tree limbs are extremely comfortable and lovely in their appearance.
  • Artistic beds in log homes are made from cut logs that have a calico print on them.
  • Interior designing needs a lot of creativity. So, while doing the interiors of your dream home, consult a talented interior designer for some ideas.
  • Bark and rough textiles are the popular dramatic textures used.
  • Use of barnwood and fabrics, that are loomed roughly, is quite popular for log home interiors.
  • Pillows of various shapes and sizes add to the luxury quotient of the room.
  • Porches like the screened in and front porches that sweep open are used for outdoor furniture.

Apart from being unique and beautiful, log cabins are good for investment purposes, because they are always in demand and you can earn a good amount upon selling them. So, if you are planning to buy one, think no further and finalize the deal.

Decoration Home with Mexican Style

Tips on Style and Design

Mexican furniture is greatly influenced by the Spanish, Chinese, and Mayan cultures. The furniture is usually straight lined, with lots of ornamentation on it. Furniture made from pine wood should ideally be used. Otherwise, walnut and cherry furniture look equally good. The items, whether they are sofas or beds, should be very large and broad, almost similar to country style furniture. Since this look will be incomplete without a riot of colors, you can paint the edges of the various furniture items with typical colors such as red, orange, and blue. Central tables or side tables, which have ceramic tile inlays on the top, can be teemed with this furniture to give a bright look to the room. When choosing the flooring of the house, ceramic tiles or clay tiles go really well with these interiors. If you want a wooden flooring, you can go in for hardwood flooring, which looks equally good.

These homes are usually full of accessories. So, place lots of candles, picture frames as well as mirrors in your home. Accessories made from metal as well as wrought iron should be used. Handwoven wall hangings should be used to adorn the walls. You can place lots of cultural items such as wall hangings or paintings with Mexican folk art, pottery with geometric patterns on it, as well as the colored woven baskets, at various places in the house. Traditional masks can be put on the walls to complete the look.

Color Patterns
While choosing the color patterns, go in for very bright colors. Blues, maroon, deep red, greens, yellows, terracotta, and pinks, are the ideal choices. Painting the walls of the room in two bright colors, one for the bottom half and the other for the upper half, gives the house a very unique look.

Fabrics and Upholstery
Wall to wall carpeting should be avoided. But, you can use lots of small rugs, especially the handwoven ones, of bright colors, in all the rooms of the house. Throwing a number of multicolored cushions on the sofas and beds is another way to get the perfect look. While choosing fabrics for the curtains, go in for natural materials such as cotton. The curtains should be layered and fancy, with lots of geometric or folk art designs on them. For upholstery, leather, which gives a ranch like look to the house can be used.

Mexican designs are vibrant and relaxing at the same time. Its fiesta of colors energizes the surroundings and the inhabitants like none. So, if you desire a house that exudes warmth and romance at the same time, go in for this style without any delay.

Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Decorating a dining room

Good food grants a good life and a good place to eat makes the experience of good food, even better. Dining rooms are the center of your home, which is why they become the place of congregation of family members at some point of time in a day. A clean and well decorated dining area lifts the mood and makes the dining pleasurable. If you have a separate dining area, then there are brilliant permutations and combinations of decorating ideas for dining room. Create the dining room that you always wanted to have, with the help of some ideas for decorating dining room. Make a dining room that suits your taste, style and needs.

Glamorous Dining Rooms
It’s not always about tables and chairs and pots and pans. Think a little out of the box while making your dining rooms glamorous. Go through all the glamorous dining room snapshots to get an idea of what you want. The features a glamorous dining areas are elongated chandeliers, a lot of glass and a dash of gold. A plain glass table in the middle of the room, with white leather chairs will surely make your dining area look captivating. Use a lot of ceiling down lights, so that the light focuses on the table surface. Do not overdo the lighting, as it can be hurting to the eyes. You can light up monochromatic candles around the dining area to make it classy and chic.

Modern Dining Room
Chrome and glass are the magic ingredients of modern dining room. If you have a separate dining area, then don’t worry about partitions. But, want to use a divider in the most modern way, you can have a water wall fountain as a divider. It not only looks classy, but soothes the surrounding too. Keep the dining room furniture as simple and minimal as possible.
Remember its clean and not clutter. A simple metallic table with black chairs looks wonderful. Again use ceiling down lights to focus better on the table and for keeping the surrounding area mellow. A delicate flower arrangement will also go well with the making of modern dining rooms.

Traditional and Formal Dining Rooms
If you throw a lot of formal parties or if you like a prim and proper atmosphere, then traditional and formal dining rooms are what you would want to have. Cream colored walls, circular wooden table and white upholstered chairs are the main attractions of a traditional and formal dining rooms. Yellow lighting will add to the grandeur of formal dining rooms.
Articulate flower arrangements will make the room look fresh in a very subtle way. The arched wooden cabinet with dainty china is all you need to finish the home decorating part for your traditional and formal dining room!

Romantic and Colorful Dining Room
Newlyweds have a unique way of exploring their aesthetic side. Get together to decorate the cozy nook in your home. Let the fineness of wine show on your walls and warmth of earth reflect through your furniture. Cane lampshades are terrific to give that mellow look to the room with adequate lighting. You can try out any color combination of your choice and materialize your ideas for decorating dining room.

A research of modern dining room will give an outline for decorating your dining room. To have the dining room, just as you want, make sure that you have the final picture in your mind. Plan your renovation properly to make maximum optimum usage of available resources.

Green Gray model to Living Room

I believe that the green gray model will be the best living room decor design. Before taking part of the discussion, I would like to remind that there is no single fixed or standardized design of house interior. All of the beautiful art is coming from our preferences. When people say that white-dominated interior design for living room is good, I should say that the green gray is precious too. Basically, we can start from painting the wall by using two different colors for 4 sides. Paint one side of wall using the green mild color as well as its opposite. Then, do the same step for the rest sides of wall. If you are on your budget, just take some plants or flower picture and attach them on the wall. But, if you have much in your pocket, make sure you buy the black plant art wall sticker to enhance the nuance.

Flooring with Hardwood

In order to enhance this living room decor model, you may attach the hardwood flooring for the living room. You can look for various model of hardwood as well. First, you can have the smooth hardwood, rough hardwood, or wooden hardwood. I suggest you to pick the rough hardwood. The reason is because you have to put on the fluffy wide mat in the center of your living room. Properly, choose the round shape.

How About the Furniture?

Start thinking to buy the furniture which colored green or gray. I ever find the green tea color sofa which looks great if being installed in your living room. Just make the combination of green sofa and grey pillow as well. Arrange the set of sofa in front of television set. Beside the TV set, put two large bookshelves. Then, after finishing the furniture, you should prepare a fancy white chandelier to be attached on the living room. Pick the yellow color to create a fusion inside your living room when the night comes. For addition, you can also put some acrylic lamps surrounding the chandelier to create the light adjustment. In each corner of room, put a pot of small palm tree to enhance the green nuance inside. Or, if you have some are on your window, a pair of bonsai pot should be good as well. So, by looking at this model, I believe that you can have a beautiful and comfortable living room. A living room decor is an art that should be find out.

Benefits Of Cantera Stone Fireplaces

A fireplace is an architectural structure which is specially designed to contain a fire. Fireplaces are used at the present time majorly for the relaxing or comforting ambiance they create. Historically, they were mainly used for the practical purposes of cooking, heating, and water heating for domestic andother uses.

A fire is contained in a firepit or firebox, a chimney or other ways. They always have a strong base or foundation usually a firebox, a mantelpiece, a hearth, kitchen, grate etc. There are different types of fireplaces which include manufactured fireplaces, which are made with the help of sheet metal fire boxes, Masonry fireplaces, which are made from stones or bricks. Electric fireplaces arethe builtin replacements for gas or wood. The fireplaces can be fueled by natural gas, bio gas or wooden logs. They must be sized properly so that the hotness can be uniform inside the room. Fireplaces are generally prohibited in houses where adults and kids live as the continuous burning of wooden logs might sometimes lead to bronchitis and asthma problems. Cantera stone fireplaces are famous in the market and they are known for their elegance. Following are the benefits of Cantera stone fireplaces.
  1. Long lasting quality:When talking about the advantageous features of a fireplace is to grace any room. Every home has its own aesthetics.These stone fireplacesgive a beautiful and attentiongrabbing appearance to a home which improves the look of the home. The stone fireplace actually weathers over a period of time, which gives a beautiful and unique appearance. The best part is they have an everlasting quality.They ensure the long term attractiveness and striking nature of any room.
  2. Craftsmanship and individuality: These stone fireplaces have an individualistic craftsmanship and people who design them have a good aesthetic sense. People who place these stone fireplaces in their homes also possess a good taste as choosing fireplaces need a separate artistic sense.
  3. Maintain a good temperature: Fireplaces has a unique quality of maintaining room temperature in colder regions. This helps the body to get proper heat required and gives essential warmth necessary to the body.
  4. Improves the look: The look of the house is enhanced with the stone fireplace as it gives a porch look and people who sees them definitely admire the beauty of stone fireplaces.

Soffit Vents Types

Soffit Vent Types

Although there are various types of vents available, make sure that you get only the one that is suitable for your house and its attic. Shape of the soffit vent also has to be taken into consideration when it comes to ventilation of the attic. There are two basic categories of soffit vents:

  • Wide vents designed to fit into the framing
  • Long strips that are fixed together in a line

The division of these vents is based on these basic categories and the three types of soffit vents are as follows:

Custom Shape Soffit Vents
These vents are mostly found in custom houses. There are two shapes of vents in this category, the round shaped and square-shaped soffit vents. The round shaped range from 3 to 6 inches in size whereas the square-shaped range from 5 by 5 inches to 7 ½ by 10 ½ inches. These vents are available with the individual vents which we will be looking at next.

Individual Soffit Vents
These are the most common type of vents and also very popular because a person can install these vents easily and without professional help. Individual vents are cut to fit appropriately into your soffit beams. As these vents can be cut, they vary in their length and width offering you multiple variations to choose from. Another great feature of this vent is that, it has a screen backing which helps to keep pests and other tiny insects away from the soffit. The materials used for these vents are wood, aluminum and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).

Continuous Soffit Vents
These are the second most popular soffit vents. They are extended lined up vents to cover the whole soffit length of your roof. These vents are beneficial for homes that have long and narrow soffit sections. The average length of a continuous soffit vent is 95 to 96 inches and the width is about 2 inches. The material used to design these vents is either PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or aluminum.

Some other types of attic vents are enlisted below:

  • Ridge Vents
  • Dormer Vents
  • Gable Vents
  • Roof Vents

These attic vents are fixed at different positions of the attic and so they are named accordingly. All of them are positioned from outside the house, only the soffit vents are placed inside.

How do You Know Your Home Needs a Soffit Ventilation?

Nowadays, all homes need soffit ventilation and the vents are installed during the construction. But, older homes do not have them and even if they are installed later they are inadequate in number. Your own experience can tell you whether you need soffit ventilation or not. All you have to do is, perform a keen survey of your attic and find out the temperature level in different seasons. This will give you an idea about the need of soffit ventilation for your house and the number of vents required.

This was all about the soffit vents and their types which can make your attic a better place for storing your household stuff. Select a proper location to fit your soffit vents to get maximum benefit out of it.

Aquarium Decoration Ideas

Many of us have aquariums at our place. But have you ever wondered how different they are from each other? Some of them are different from the other in just one context while some are poles apart. Like there are different people, there are different aquarium decoration ideas as well, that suit everybody’s personal preference. Broadly tiger are two distinct styles, natural and artificial.

For a natural look-

  • Choose sand or gravel that is not just natural to the inhabitants of the aquarium but they are also appealing to the eyes in comparison to the artificial ones. To make sure that you get the authentic natural look, you can pick up the sand from the either a local fish shop or the beach. However, make sure that you thoroughly clean them before putting them in the aquarium. Ensure that the sand or the gravel doesn’t do more harm than good.
  • Adding live plants will add a natural appeal to the whole aquarium. They also provide oxygen and improves the quality of the water. Since there are live plants inside the aquarium fishes have a better tendency to respond. Even though there are a lot of plants that can survive inside the aquarium, research is a must to make sure that your get the best one for your pet. In case you aren’t keen on keeping real plants you can, there are many options available for fake plants. Before choosing a plant make sure that they don’t have sharp edges that may harm the fishes or in which fishes might get entangled. People generally go for a jungle look with green or red plants. One of things that need an important consideration before going for any kind of plants is that some fishes eat plants.
  • There is a wide stock of natural decorations that can either be bought or picked up from natural surroundings. Natural items are comparatively less harmful for your fishes as compared to the artificial ones. However, if you are keen on going for artificial decorations make sure that they are close to the natural ones and should be safe for your fish.
  • Add depth to the aquarium by adding black background to it. This provides instant contrasts to any background.
  • Give a unique look to aquarium by adding the substances in different ways. It adds a twist to the entire look.
  • Add the biggest pieces as the centre of attraction to your aquarium and the other features as complimentary.

For an artificial look-

Use a piece of cloth to form the background of the aquarium. Choose any color according to the look you want to create. The rest of the look can be same as described above. At Aqua Maniac, you can find a variety of designs top choose from including Juwel Vision 400.

House Interiors with Decorative Laminates

When it comes to fixing decorative laminates, antibacterial laminates are considered as one of the best options. They can be very effective when it comes to keeping your home environment hygienic, germ-free and devoid of any unhealthy contaminates. Mentioned below are some of the three factors that make antibacterial laminates an ideal option for the house –

1. As they are safe and germ-free, they aid in maintaining the environment of the house by keeping it clean and healthy.

2. Be it furniture, walls or countertops, these laminates can be used on all types of surfaces.

3. Due to the anti-bacterial properties, these laminates are considered as best options for hospitals, restaurants, schools and restrooms.

Other than antibacterial laminates, there are several other laminates like post forming laminate which is intended to be used on vertical and horizontal interior surfaces. The laminate is rolled in a simple radius over the edges of a substrate. Moreover, it is used in such a way that it makes a surface smooth and attractive leaving no seams around the corner.

Where are post forming laminates used?

Equipped with amazing malleability and flexibility, post forming laminates are ideal for both horizontal and vertical applications and can be post formed without losing any pattern. The laminates are the perfect choice for shutters, counter tops, furniture tops, executive tables, modular office systems, computer workstations, kitchen cabinet doors, storage cabinet doors and shelving units.

Cleaning tips required in post-forming laminate –

To clean the surface, it is suggested to use a damp cloth or sponge and a mild soap or detergent. However, if the stain still persists, apply a paste of baking soda and water with a soft bristled brush to remove stains.

If the stains still resist using any of the above cleaning methods, then it may require the use of undiluted household bleach or nail polish remover. Make use of a cotton ball soaked with bleach or nail polish remover and gently rub the stain for up to two minutes. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly with warm water and wipe it using a dry soft cloth.

Now let’s know some of the benefits of using laminates –

The laminates are value for money as they adhere to both quality standards and home decor trends. Besides being strong, light and highly durable, the laminates standout in several other factors such as:

1. The laminates can be installed on walls. There are various designs which can be installed in your bedroom, drawing room to impart a distinguished look and to reflect your personal taste.

2. Laminates last for as long as ten years in the same condition and require minimum maintenance.

3. Laminates do not decolourise due to their light-fastness property.

4. Laminates are environmentally friendly and do not leave any hazardous effect on the people living in the house.

5. These are fire, water, and scratch resistant and can be disposed of without affecting the environment.

Even though these laminates have several advantages, these are reasonable in cost and are available in several designs and patterns. Along with antibacterial and post forming laminates, you can also choose to install lab furniture laminates for your house interior to make it look more appealing.