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Ideas For Urban Homes

Speaking of interior designthere are different concepts. The one that focuses on optimum space utilization is very important. The growing demand for housing, an ever growing population, and lack of space are factors that necessitate the importance of building more homes in smaller spaces. Most urban flats have 2 to 3 bedrooms, one living room with attached dining space and a washroom or two apart from the kitchen. The limited space creates a need for designing innovative storage areas, wall units and modular fittings. That is where your experienced interior designer in Bhubaneshwarcomes into the picture.
Check out the following modern space saving ideas
  • Understairs storage units.
  • Stair cabinets
  • Fold down tables
  • Chairs that fit into shelves
  • Wall Units
  • Wall beds and sofas
  • Fold up picture tables
  • Wall Television units
  • Sofas with shoe storage units
The above mentioned are just innovative concepts that don’t just add to the aesthetic charm of your home, but give it more character. The sheer smartness and extra storage space adds more value to your otherwise small urban flat.
To be specific imagine that you have a small bedroom.- The pain of trying to fit in a bed, a bedside table, study table, cupboards, book shelves and dressing table in that small space is indescribable. In a such a situation if your interior design expert gives you a picture perfect wall painting that also acts as a fold down study table; and a wall unit that acts as a television unit, bookcase and storage for DVD’s and stationary, life surely becomes easier. If you install a bed that has ample storage then you can keep your linen and quilts under the bed. If you install a full length mirror on a cupboard door, then it acts as a dresser.
Fix night lights over your unused headboard space. That way you need not worry about installing an extra night lamp. You can also build cupboards and cabinets flanking your bed. The smaller cabinets can also double up as night stand.
You can also add wall cupboards just over your bed with ample head space. Installing night lights below adds to the effect. Space saving beds that can be folded into the wall are also becoming very popular. They give you an option to turn a room a bedroom at night and a living room by day.
Basically your designer creates intelligent spaces and allows maximum utilization thereby creating functionality and aesthetics. Proper planning, choice of colors and fittings definitely add to the effect.
Clever positioning, fancy functional wall units, attractive paints, wallpaper and drapes help create peaceful and relaxing home spaces. The key to designing a good home lies in understanding the needs of those who intend to live in. The plan should be in sync with requirements and aesthetics.